Friday, September 24, 2010

Suspension- the new word for us in Northampton.

Suspension by Paul Hood

I took the above shot at a fountain in Northampton MA, at the Smith University Campus. Yes, they let men on campus, but only if you're accompanied by a woman ( just kidding ). Still. . . Sheryl was there to protect me from harm. She was on our borrowed cell phone which surprises the heck out of us every time it rings, and she didn't even see this fine frog. I had enough time to snap only one frame and then he disappeared.

Love doing the photography around Northampton. Lots to see. Working on lining up some gigs when people figure out that they can hire me. Right now we're back in Sharon, MA because we had to return a rental car here. Otherwise we'd still be back in Northampton scouting around and applying for jobs in the Western Massachusetts area. We love Northampton. Some of the surrounding areas are very nice too-- the last place we checked out was one of Sheryl's long time favorites: Shelburne Falls. Greenfield is near there, and we'd get into that too, plus there's a couple jobs there which look really good to Sheryl. ref #4698 jpeg

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