Friday, February 26, 2010

When the ego loses, sometimes the spirit wins.

We finally got around to shooting some new video. Put one up on youtube here . This one I worked from without notes, it's just one continuous take. We only trimmed off some superfluous stuff at the very beginning and at the end.

In the video I discuss some aspects of loss, effects on the ego and on the spiritual life of an individual whether they chose loss or it gets chosen for them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunflower Print, 24X36"

Shipping a large print to Susan in California, soon. Sunflowers! I shot this back in 2005 I think. Re-edited the file for the size and print process. Very happy with the way that it turned out. Should cheer up whatever room it's in. That's my partner, Sheryl, holding the framed print. Susan chose a black frame and I think it's a good choice. We'd definitely buy from that frame vendor again too, the quality is good and it was packed really well, makes it easy to re-ship. Discovered that Imagekind could handle a 77 megapixel image without choking too. It all went well. Click here if you want one, or email me and we'll handle the details.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On forgiveness

Eric Ball: feels that the resistance to forgive is an attachment to the need to be right. When we lack the capacity to forgive others, it is an indication that we also find it difficult to forgive ourselves. The power of forgiveness is liberating, because it allows the flow of good into your life.

I found this on facebook and decided to quote it. Forgiveness and acceptance of the past comes up a lot in our practice, in one way or another. From time to time we also encounter perfectionism of a variety which is crippling, to the point of paralysis for some. We all have standards, and that's a good thing. But the choice of accepting the flow of life can really get dammed up when judgment is too harsh.

In the grand scheme, "who's right?" can't be the factor in deciding who or what to forgive or to withhold forgiveness from. After all the "unforgivable" does occur, and what do you do then? You can never really move on until you forgive. Not to be confused with approval, nor with being a doormat, forgiveness is for the benefit of those who were harmed, lest a festering wound becomes an evil seed over time.

And that's how it works really-- become the thing which you despise if you work at it hard enough. Not a fun thing to wake up to one fine day. "Hey, I didn't know that hatred is contagious. Why didn't I wash my hands more? I need a shot of Love-a-cillin."

Monday, February 1, 2010

New newsletter is out now

So, this month I wrote the newsletter article and Sheryl contributed something to it as well. Here is the link and you can sign up and get it directly to your email in the future if you want.

These days I write more on facebook than anywhere else, but am working on getting my book together too. I have a lot of collected writing, this book will be a combination of my fiction work most likely, and the stories are often true enough. Sheryl does a lot more blogging than I do right here and she's got her finished book being shopped around for a publisher.