Sunday, September 9, 2012

RIP Brett Olson

A young man was lost to drowning in the Sacramento River this past week. His body turned up a week from when he went missing. Some 90,000 people in the meantime got together and tried to help find him, or became involved in one way or another. Not to mention the County Sheriffs and Chico Police dept. Anyway my point is not to be a news source here-- you should look elsewhere for that. I noted that in the interim many, many false sightings occurred and I'm sure many well-meaning people who thought they were helping feel kind of bad right now. One thing I noticed within the last couple of days was that Brett's missing iPhone was somehow found,  and that Brett's mother appeared to be very encouraged by this.

I'm just hoping that everybody who thought they saw him, or otherwise tried to contribute positively to the case can realize that anybody can make a mistake, and that they should forgive themselves. It was wishful thinking, and a lot of people wanted very badly for this young man to be found safe and returned to his family and friends alive and well.

Some people, myself included, were less hopeful about the outcome, but that doesn't make the ending any less tragic-- no matter what anybody did, thought, hoped for, this is one of those times when something just happened and you can't turn back time and change that.