Monday, September 20, 2010

Prosperity Issues with Brett Butler

That's Brett Butler on the left, he's looking so concerned because he's working with a client via the internet. No, it's not the comedian Brett Butler nor the baseball player Brett Butler. This Brett is the one we recently met whom we're so impressed with. He's in pretty much the same line of work as a healer and spiritual consultant. In the background is Sheryl and Ramara and we're hanging out in their cavernous, one-room studio for the evening. Brett and I seem to have a lot in common.
Closer snapshot of Ramara, whom I asked to hold very very still because I was shooting in the dimmest imaginable room-light. Brett and I have been talking so much that I barely know Ramara as yet.

Closer view of Brett. Sheryl received a session from him tonight concerning issues of prosperity. It went well I think. I just observed, really. He's still developing a website or I'd link to it here, but he's currently working with local clients here in Northampton and so are Sheryl and I. Very unusual for me to meet somebody whom I feel so sympatico with about spiritual matters.

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