Monday, September 20, 2010

Northampton, MA in pictures.

Hibiscus flower at a front porch in Turner's Falls, MA. I couldn't believe the size of it. I had never seen a flower like this before.
This is an old graveyard in Sharon, MA. Many of the stones have shifted  and tilted over time. I don't know but I assume that the American flags are about war veterans. I posted this picture originally on 9/11 on my facebook page.
This is an interior shot of the living-room of Sheryl's parents house in Sharon, MA where we visited for Rosh Hoshana before continuing to the Amherst and Northampton MA areas.
Sheryl got two job interviews right away. This is the morning of one of the interviews taken in Northampton at the "Friendly's" which i guess is sort of an institution for Sheryl. Sheryl hates this shot. It's not very flattering but it has something I like.
We took a trip to Turner's Falls to check out a couple of job openings. I had the camera with me and shot this one of a city sunflower.
Also took this shot in Turner's Falls MA.
Right in the neighborhood we're staying in in Northampton there are architectural wonders everywhere. This is just one of many. We're staying in a restored house built in about 1880.

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