Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Herrell's Ice Cream in Northampton

Would you buy an ice cream from this man? Yes. Yes you would. This is Steve Herrell of

This is Sheryl, who has told me many times how New Englanders would line up outside in a snowstorm just to eat some of Steve's ice cream. He's been making it for 30 years and it's world famous.

Notice how everyone is smiling? This is a happy place.
Everyone, even the girl pouring water from the big red bucket is happy.

They have plenty of toppings and Waffle cones with lots of chocolate.


More toppings and. . .um . . . ice cream-- which we ate so fast I didn't get a picture of an ice cream cone. I had the mint chip, which is pretty amazing. So, you know, go there and eat some: #8 Old South Street, Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-9700 or  FAX (413) 584-5320

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