Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to Planet Arizona

Welcome to planet Arizona. Not to be confused with Planet, Arizona
You get a different angle on things out here.
Even shooting blind gets some interesting results sometimes.


Steve said...

Lots of cool thoughts here, Paul - very in-depth, too. It might be nice to also explore the different thoughts of designers, illustrators and fine artists in terms of selling your work.

I'm more of a designer/illustrator than fine artist, in terms of how I make my living, though I do occasionally do something just for me and then put it up on Zazzle.

Sometimes I think like a designer and actually design the concept, then execute it as an illustrator. Other times I just explore, and if I come up with something I like, I create products from it or work a concept around it and then do so.

Paul Hood said...

I think your comment was intended for the more recent post "How to make money as an artist".
And, yes, I would be interested in pertinent information from other artists.