Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hawk in flight, or an osprey, not sure which

Click on the photo for a slightly larger view

Well, we have not decided yet whether this is a variety of Goshawk, or Osprey. I'm simply not a bird expert. It's not easy getting shots like this, at any rate, as they don't hold still too well while I am pointing my 500mm lens, trying to track them, get a good focus and a good angle etc. I used to spend a lot more time trying to get good shots of birds in flight but honestly, my tastes have a changed a bit and it's more fun watching birds in flight than it is trying to get stills of them now.

Anyway these guys soar over the lake up at woodside, then they are pretty damn good at hovering as they spot a fish under the water from about 100 feet up, then they tuck and dive-- hitting the water at an incredible velocity and then fly off with a fish in their considerable talons. It really is an amazing sight.

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