Friday, June 26, 2009

Old fashioned stuff like honesty, clarity, and higher values

So, I am on facebook but almost never do anything over there. I could have nabbed a better domain name or whatever they call it, but I was slow and didn't really care. I'd put it here but to be honest I am having minor privacy issues-- it's kind of good now ( I think) that facebook is addressing certain issues there and if I used it more, I'd care more. It's an odd juxtaposition that I only signed up there to help my business presence on the web, and now I am considering deleting a bunch of "friends"-- on facebook that largely means people you don't really know. If I do delete a bunch, I don't really want those people getting an email that says "Paul deleted you as a friend" because it's not like that at all. Having hundreds of "friends" whom I don't actually know (I know a handful of them) just feels wrong. It's the wrong terminology.

We are very much late adopters for things like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and of course, Twitter. Skipped right over Livejournal. And by the way I wrote disparagingly about Twitter in a previous blog and now I get an email from Twitter that somebody wants to "follow me" there. I doubt that, I doubt it's true, which is yet another reason that Sheryl and I are often slow adopters of new stuff: because in my generation things that aren't true were commonly referred to as "Lies" and we believed that consequences would ensue for "liars". Yeah, that dates me. Also, if somebody really wants to "follow me" isn't that a bit like "stalking"? Yeah, I'm old. You darn kids with your rock and roll. Get off my lawn.

Sheryl has been writing about businesses who blatantly violate agreements and then expect people to simply comply with whatever new terms that they dictate. Well, there's really no obligation to comply with terms one never agreed to is there? In fact, if it's perfectly OK to change terms at will and act upon them as one sees fit, then people in my generation call that "Anarchy." In some cases it could be called "Felony". But we were raised to believe that we live in a civilized land governed by the rule of law, and we were taught to call that "America."

Damn, we are so out of touch. What dinosaurs we are. It's a whole new world now.

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