Friday, April 3, 2009

Springtime in the High Desert

Spring, yes indeed. This little green shoot was transplanted from the grave of a dear, departed pet (passed away several years ago). We've seen signs already of little green things appearing and the grasses getting a little greener. Click on the photo to see it larger.

This is Pipa, in unusual lighting conditions. She's our most thoughtful and sometimes devious cat. She and her pal, Chloe, have been bounding around the house some, and they even played a game of hide and go seek-- until Chloe forgot they were playing and just sort of looked around the room aimlessly. Anyway the cats have proven more adaptable than we are to the whole change of scene; Winter, Spring, whatever-- they love it all.

This is what a combination dust-storm/snow storm looks like as it's blowing on by.

One minute it was sunny, and the next it looked like this. Look close and you can see the snow blowing in.

A few hours later and it looked about like this again-- the air temp was too warm to support the snow lying around. That was about a week ago. Today it's blowing like hell again, but no snow, just a fair amount of dust. We see these wild cottontails pretty frequently around the house, and also giant jack-rabbits: twice the size or more and crazy fast.

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