Friday, April 24, 2009

Pipa the Cat is still sick

For those of you wondering, Pipa the cat is still sick. We've been doing healing work on her since the 15th or 16th when she took ill immediately after obtaining a cooked chicken carcass from the trash. Not enough time for it to rot, so we had to assume a chicken bone was swallowed, even though we are told that this is a fairly rare thing for cats to do (dogs do that a lot more often).
She's a long haired cat, so a hairball would also be a possibility, but it's just a little too coincidental with the chicken and all.

So, as many of you know, while we do believe in energy healing work, faith healing, miracles and other forms of divine intervention-- we also believe in talented Veterinarians who work hard to save our animal friends from suffering and death. Pipa may be learning to stay out of the trash
( I doubt it ) but we're getting our lessons too. Some lessons are: cats do stuff and you can't always stop them. No use whining about it. Vets know that a gentle approach is sometimes best. It may have been hard for us to deal with our poor sick kitty for so long, but I'm betting that most cats get well with minimal intervention within a few days and then everybody is happy again. We also learn that a perfect compromise between giving the cat love, affection and attention and also good treatment for her health is not always an achievable compromise. In other words, we can coddle her and watch her die because she won't even drink water by herself, or we can piss her off royally by dosing her with antibiotics, water, food, or anything else we know her body needs. We've currently voted for pissing her off. She'll be alive to get over it, and as she allows it, we give her love too.

Regarding our healing abilities and chicken bones: if there was a bone, it has absolutely disappeared without a trace. X-rays confirmed this, and we have not found one. That's what we wanted. But you know what? It didn't happen fast enough, and it seems to have done damage before departing this earthly plane. I mean, Sheryl and I have both removed tumors and cysts on both cats purely through energy work but it took quite a while. A good surgeon is at times invaluable: but one does not elect for surgery lightly either. So sometimes life is just unpleasant for a week or so and then it gets better. Healing is a process: this is something we have always tried to impart to our clients.

For those of you who know that Sheryl and I typically consider counseling to be an invaluable tool for healing work ( and any solid psychic information we receive) it counts with animals too. We got psychic hits regarding Pipa's condition-- we disagreed with them. We went our own way on this and we're good with that. We don't think it's Pipa's time to die. We could be wrong, we don't care, we're fighting that. Interestingly enough we just spoke with an individual who related her near death experiences to us. Sheryl wrote about it I think. I also recently wrote about a very dear person who struggled with cancer for 4 years before succumbing. It's what we do: "do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light." --Dylan Thomas

We rage lately.

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