Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cafepress fires 6.5 million people

I don't know how to do a blogroll yet, but there are plenty of other people writing some pretty plainspoken news about Cafepress shafting their artists and designers for no good reason.
Here's one

And here's a guy who does know what a blogroll is and how to do it

It would indeed be mainstream news if any US corporation employing 6.5 million people cut payroll by 70% just because they felt like it. Technically the front line workers aren't fired, but will they be able to keep working for 30% of their prior income?

It's actually worse than that, because we're not talking about employees who had an actual salary plus benefits. Nope, it's 6.5 million hardworking entrepeneurs who started with nothing but wits and talent, partnering (for years in many cases) with a corporation who just decided to take it all away.

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