Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big impressive tree

Click on the photo to see it larger. Couldn't resist photographing this impressive tree in Taylor today. Sheryl is quite taken with the place and the people who live there. Look really close and that's Sheryl standing at the foot of the tree. Took a long time and withstood a lot of history to grow that large (the tree, that is-- Sheryl is normal sized for a human.)

Dropped in to Crossroads bookstore and talked with Jeremy Owen about things related to creative projects and getting them out on the market so that people can enjoy them: bought his brother's book "Here There Be Dragons" and Sheryl has already read at least a third of it tonight. Looking forward to seeing it on the silver screen.

Ate at Trapper's again too, and visited a little with Cindy. Made a couple more stops on the way home, and Sheryl is trying to rest and take things a little easier than she has been-- always works too hard promoting our various business interests. Also we got 2 phone calls about deaths today; one friend of the family and one distant relative. Some days are for enjoying the good weather, taking a walk and contemplating a few things.

Oh yeah, and I helped feed and water some goats today-- no pictures this time. I like goats. Baby goats in particular are so precious. Enjoying our cats this evening too, and Pipa has been nurturing Sheryl in particular. Happy full moon everyone.

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