Friday, January 25, 2008


Well my photography show is hung, and as Sheryl mentioned in her blog, one of the larger photos sold before it even made it to the wall. The buyer is very sweet and kind and I couldn't be happier than to know that she is enjoying it on her wall. Normally my buyers are pretty anonymous via the internet, and so this is a very nice change.

Sheryl and I ran into a number of small snags-- most people would call them "decisions", early on in the process but we navigated through. Then we hit a much bigger snag just before we headed over to hang the artwork: 14 out of 17 prints had been scratched by the vendor who mounted them. We had an obligation to hang the art anyway, so we did and then got on with life. It's taking a few days to sort it all out, but I just got a very touching and sincere email from the manager so it looks like we'll get it done.

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