Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting ready for a gallery show.

Getting ready for a gallery show. Despite having sold my photos now in 23 states and 2 foreign countries, this is to be my first show. It's fun. It was nerve wracking in that there were a lot of choices which had to be made very quickly, so we just made them (after a lot of hand wringing) and then took a day off on Friday to recoup. This will be an opportunity to be seen a bit more locally, and I feel pretty good about that.

Small secret: by the time a photo of mine gets printed I don't really care about it anymore. I care if it's an accurate print but that's about it. I think I care about other people getting enjoyment out of what I do, yeah, and I don't necessarily take criticism well. Maybe it's because photographs are largely produced in a fraction of a second, by a pretty sophisticated machine-- and then a bit more time gets invested in Photoshop, but then that's it. It's not like a painting, not like writing a short story. Can't really compare though; a photograph captures a moment in time in a very limited way. The camera introduces it's own distortions and embellishments and the photographer gets pretty good at manipulating that slice of reality. But I've been through this in writing and in music too. What's been produced already (by him) no longer matters much to the artist. Works in progress are important, and the next work to be produced. What's finished is just a fond memory and nothing lasts forever; why should we want it to?

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