Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Plants, Don't Eat Them

Sheryl just blogged about the accusation that was leveled at me because I dared to appear in a video about spiritual subjects wearing a leather jacket. She pretty much covered it all in her blog. About one in a thousand people want to take me down a peg because something about me disagrees with them or their ideology. It probably didn't occur to my latest detractor that I had worn the leather jacket on purpose, hee-hee. Moses, Mohammed, Jesus and Buddha all ate meat. That was part of my reply. I'm not a meat evangelist, and I most certainly respect vegetarians for their choices. Some of them don't respect me. . . because they're so nonviolent and all that. That means they can inform me that I have an inferior spiritual practice to them whether I asked their opinion or not. Perhaps this puts me lower on the spiritual evolutionary scale than a (righteous) vegetarian. They don't love me, perhaps they should eat me.

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Linda in the Northeast Kingdom said...

You look so GOOD in that beautiful leather jacket!

As an Artisan Cook,
I eat what I love
and I love what I eat.