Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Egret from above

Sheryl and I went down to point Lobos the other day. Past Carmel, we had a nice time even though it was one of those days when I thought I got a lot of nice photos and turns out I only got a very few. Sea Otters are fun to watch but I find them hard to photograph. We took a few photos of a Raven, but I think he was old and not too healthy so we sent him healing instead. There were Great Blue Herons but they were a bit distant, and then their close cousin, the Great Egret as seen above. This one was so very white that he was tough to photograph and I kept trying to readjust as he moved around. Only recently have we observed egrets and herons actually standing on patches of floating seaweed, walking and feeding as if they were on solid ground.

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