Saturday, August 11, 2007


Recently about half the hits to our website from all our Craigslist ads come from a single “Fred” ad that I wrote. Its 4.6 times more popular than the second place ad. Our print ads may be doing a lot for us, or a little, we don’t always know. I freely admit that I wrote the last of four Fred based, uh, stories, just to watch the stats go “ping!” Or to at least try it out and see what would happen. It became a curiosity ever since I wrote an ad called “Marketing the spiritual: the story of Fred.” I also didn’t like leaving Fred hanging out there without some closure. The whole saga is on the Fred portion of our homepage, and it's on our giftshop link, Sheryl got it on it too.

Oh, we got one of those ALL CAPS I AM VERY ANGRY WITH YOU emails from somebody recently. Sheryl took care of it, I never even got to see it. Ah yes, the price of fame. We shall have to alert the bodyguards.

We're trying to decide whether to do a paper newsletter to contribute around Santa Cruz. I think we're itching to publish something, not sure that a newsletter is the thing to do. We've already got an email newsletter, blogs, so I'm assuming that the urge has to do more with seeing physical, touchable things that we've created. Sheryl got herself a compound miter saw. It has a laser and everything. It's for her perfume business, yep, uh-huh.

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