Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome by Paul Hood
Jerome by Paul Hood

A while back we visited Jerome, Arizona. A very small, former mining town then a ghost town, then rebuilt to suit a group of artists who came in and took it over. Although by appearances not a lot of rebuilding was done. Part of the charms are the strange angles, cracks and old buildings still standing (mostly) after all these years. We were told that it's either a "Art town with a biker problem or a biker town with an artist problem, depending on who you talk to" today. On clear days it has fantastic views. It's always a good walking town, has a few taverns if you like that sort of thing. The worst espresso in the country probably, but that can be said about most of the places I have been in AZ. Despite all that I wanted to move there, sell my art to the tourists and show everyone how real espresso is made. The place charmed me, as did the people we met.


Old Uncle Noely said...

Nice photo! As a resident of Jerome for almost 30 years I thought I would add a bit to your knowledge of contemporary Jerome. In fact, it is neither an "Art town with a biker problem or a biker town with an artist problem...". It wold be more accurate to say that it is a town of less than 500 residents dealing with the influx of artists, merchants, and tourists (some who are "bikers"). The "bikers" we experience theses days are not problem they were back in the '80's. Back then it was gangs like the Dirty Dozen. Now the "bikers" are more "civilized". All this while attempting to preserve our historic standing.

I can appreciate your desire to live here. It is an amazing community... almost like an extended family. People help each other, get involved in local government and generally set a good example of small town living. It is a difficult task to maintain a small close community like this. The obstacles are great but the rewards are many.

Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Paul Hood said...

Thanks, Old Uncle Noely. I appreciate the feedback. We'd like to visit Jerome again.