Sunday, October 18, 2009

More photos from New Mexico

Oh but this one (above ) is local to Arizona. Just a night shot where I used a 30 second exposure. Moonless night but just after sunset so there was still some light in the sky. This is unretouched and I think I shot it at about F7. Not a serious art piece, just goofing around. The strangest part about this shot is not visible within the frame; that Sheryl asked me, just for kicks, what if she walked through the shot, real slow. She did, very slowly and even stopped over by the stairs near the middle light. Nothing, she's completely invisible.

This one is in New Mexico as is the one below. I took a previous shot of this on a different day from a different angle. I really like it. It's available for sale but we're coming to the conclusion that showcasing these photos at 600 pixels or 650 pixels across just does not cut it. Since I've been a victim of photo theft, I'm leery of showing larger works online. I hate doing watermarks.
I am not be above using the invisible kind which track the file all over the Internet, wherever it may wander. I'm also not finding Imagekind to be a successful venue for selling my work. We hear that the print quality is great.

This here symbol, it's a sun symbol, was one of few things we saw in Albuquerque with any visual appeal. It's our fault though, because we did not even see the downtown. ALBQ is big, real big, sprawls all over the place. We really prefer Santa Fe, or Taos, or Madrid, and some other smaller towns whose names I do not remember. At least if we were in Taos there are high quality and very competitive print shops there. Many options.

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