Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hay Bales, Mean Trees, Landscapes

A friend of mine, Bob Jenkins, thinks of this as "mean trees" so that's what I'm titling it.

No sooner did I create the mean trees, but that i wanted to do a re-take with more muted color.

In real life, the hay bales scene was "nice" but the light wasn't all that great and the colors were a bit pale. It took a lot to turn it into an interesting photo. I've been avoiding showing my photos large online because theft of images is so prevalent. It's too bad. They all look better when you can really see them. You can click on these photos to se them a bit larger, but sorry, not really big enough to see the details well enough.

I thought that this cloud formation looked like a huge hand. Later on I spotted a strange face in the clouds. This was shot up at Greer, a tiny resort town above Springerville, AZ.

Another shot out the window landscape photo, this one on the way to Springerville, Arizona. Really beautiful country up there.

This one is called "Face Over Taos" and I thought I had already posted it, but maybe not.

Did I mention that I lost my hat at the "Pie-O-Neer" in Pie Town, New Mexico ? Nice place, great pie, really friendly and genuine people. I want to go back. Maybe that's why I left my hat.

Git this one a little while ago near where we currently live. I only recently put it through my post processing and I do like the results.

A puff ball from way back which Sheryl wanted me to take out of the moth balls for one of her projects.

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