Monday, May 11, 2009

We made it an interesting day

This is one of the critters out here which does not intimidate us. Well, OK, there was that one time but it was an exception.

Technically, we did spend the night in this tent. It was dark when we entered it, and light when we left it, around dawn. Sheryl had been claiming that we could sleep in a tent when we go on trips sometimes, after all, we slept in Esmeralda, our 15 foot trailer complete with 4 burner propane stove and oven, ice box, bed, little dinette area, microwave, 1500 watt electric heater, watching movies on the laptop. . . I was not convinced about our ability to rough it. However, I thought that a tent on the deck was overkill. It wasn't really, but the tent itself did not lend much to comfort. The weather was very mild, not a problem there. But it was the noise of all the local animals plus a very bright moon which made it hard to sleep. The local dogs are pretty distant, but they talked to Chloe, our cat, who was very worried that we weren't in the house after dark. Then there was the cow. He really wanted to talk. Sheryl claims there were coyotes, which I am not sure about but I thought I heard a dog much closer. The crack of dawn brought a few more sounds, and too much light. back to the house we went.

Mama Love (Sheryl) shown here being macho enough to build her own displays. She said to me, "Wow, it really is fun when you have the right tools." Which is something I have been trying to convince her of all along. Guys are not inherently better at building things than women. We take every advantage available to us: simple things like good clamps and a proper working surface, nice sharp drill bits (in this case a really good forstner bit) and a good variable speed reversible drill. I know it's intimidating and that there is some cultural bias against women doing it all with tools, but it's really rewarding and I hope that more women get encouraged to do the things that they want to do. One more tip; the vast majority of hardware store employees really want to help you out. They think it's cool that you want to do this stuff. they like your courage. If you have some boyfriend or other male helper with no patience for teaching you: do both of you a favor and take him out of the mix, find a better advisor, no harm, no foul.

I had to tell Sheryl to "come and see the pretty snake" under a Juniper, some time before bed. I mean, he is pretty, and he is not dangerous. But right about now I never expect Sheryl to put the tent on the actual ground near an actual juniper tree.

Chloe, our other cat, the one who is in good health and surviving has charms of her own. One of these charms is "draping". She wraps herself around things: shown here getting cozy with my laser printer. She was up most of the night crying at the open window for Sheryl and I to come back from wherever it was that we disappeared to. The dogs answered her. And the cow. The snakes, lizards and cottontails kept pretty quiet and the hummingbirds and Jays waited until dawn to get busy. We need an RV.

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