Sunday, May 10, 2009

The mother's day gift: make it yourself

Haven't made a new card in awhile. We're adjusting to the dastardly deeds of cafepress and getting ready to close that shop, looking for new and better ways to print our designs. I took this photo of a classic car sometime last year in Santa Cruz. Just made it into a card for my mom for Mother's day and we printed it out (three times before the Epson 1280 and paper choice resulted in an acceptable print). So now it's out on the table with a couple of gifts, waiting for my mom to get back from Unity Church up in Show Low. The caption says "Mama, you are a red hot classic." At the bottom we wrote, "Tail fins and all..." etc.


john (santa cruz) said...

Is that a reflection of you in the tail-light chrome? Looks like your hat.

Paul Hood said...

Hi John! I thought it was me but on closer examination it's Sheryl. On even closer examination I am to the right of Sheryl, but so distorted you can't tell. I'm posting a 100% crop for the CSI fans.