Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fly like an Egret

This grebe was kind enough to tilt his head up while I snapped the shutter. We were out at Moss Landing (south of here, about a half an hour). It's a really charming tiny little town near elkhorn slough. We made a day of it with chicken mole' tamales at haute enchilada and a pretty good hike at the slough. Met up with Sheryl's friend Linda, and we talked her ear off a bit. We both brought our cameras and both got good shots, maybe at some surprising moments like within the first 60 seconds out of the car when a Great Egret flew directly overhead. I think the Grebes are pretty birds too. Sheryl got some nice shots of a little blackbird bathing in a bird-bath.

The scuttled boat Sheryl turned into a painting has now been moved, and that scene isn't as picturesque. Between all the caffeine of the day, and getting busy doing intensive photo editing neither of us could sleep. Maybe we'll catch up tonight. I love tiny remote towns, there's always a part of me that wants to move where the population is about one-tenth of the high school I graduated from, (Santa Monica High School). Reminds me of when we tried to move to Port Townsend last summer-- and then chickened out at the last minute. Not that Santa Cruz is exactly a metropolis. We like it here.

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