Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still Journeying

Still not posting photos because I still don't have proper access to my computer, editing software, etc. Still enjoying Sedona very much and still seriously considering relocating to this vicinity. We learn more everyday and are blessed with meeting the most wonderful people here.

Sheryl and I cope with things differently at times, and we're working out the details. We've got an idea that lower cost housing is available in quite a few of the surrounding areas. The scenery in Sedona does come at a higher price. If you want to live with Chapel rock right out your back door you're bound to pay a little extra for that.

Aside from some of those basics, the whole trip from California to Arizona has really been a "trip." We've been defining and redefining ourselves and our life choices over and over again. It gets a little tiring at times, it gets stressful, and it's also endlessly fascinating. You think you know yourself pretty well-- until your environment changes. Give yourself a month out in the quiet, wide open calm of the desert and then see what happens when you pop back into a college town like Flagstaff. Suddenly you're adapting again, and a small town similar to the one you left feels like a crazy hustling and bustling big city.

We've even gone through a lot of changes in about a week's time in Sedona. It's hard to describe, but it's an almost daily thing. We'll get there, to a space where we feel more stable and moving towards a common set of goals. In the meantime it's nothing if not interesting.

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