Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Journey

Ok, no photo, I've been saving them up because I don't have access to my own computer. We've been on an interesting journey. Currently we're in Sedona, Arizona. We've had quite a few experiences, met a lot of really nice people. I like very much how honest everyone is here. They just tell you what's on their mind, straight up. Being new to Arizona I'm still taking it all in. The photo opportunities in Sedona are pretty plentiful. The weather has been amazingly good. I was running around in a t-shirt today, no jacket, near Cathedral rock. I still don't know what to say about vortexes, but the views of the towering red rock monuments all over town are so stunning as to be surreal.

High points of my day, however were talking to a couple of locals. In particular Doug Hayden of Hayden Custom Homes, and especially Michael at Infinite Light Healing Center who simply exudes loving kindness and the true spirit of healing. I found Michael's website here.

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