Monday, November 17, 2008

Relocating, looking for a new home.

Sheryl and I are getting ready to move by December first. We've known for a long time that our current home was temporary, and now it's time to go. Quite oddly, my brother who lives in Yorba Linda California, just had to evacuate his home with his wife and two kids to get out of the path of the Orange County wildfire. I don't even know if they've been able to return home yet, but the fire seems to have bypassed their immediate neighborhood.

Anyway, we ARE leaving and it's not my favorite thing to deal with all my stuff ! Even though over the course of several moves a lot of it has already been pared down.

Unless a better offer appears, we'll be going to Arizona. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. At the moment what I notice is that Sheryl and I have slightly different ideas about what the first step is. She's already started packing and I'm still working on "theory", but my theory is helping us to avoid some of the chaos, we both agree about that.

We do indeed hope for changes beyond relocating. Sheryl and I already put out a vision statement here and also here. But the condensed version is that we're looking to team up for mutual benefit with other like-minded individuals; moving our spiritual practice forward and beyond what it has been, same goes for our art and photography and of course Sheryl's perfume business, Mama Love Products. We're both authors too, but Sheryl has books currently available here and none of my writing is currently for sale anywhere.

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