Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My computer broke.

Bummer man. My laptop broke a few days ago. Having to borrow Sheryl's to get anything done online. Makes it unlikely for me to be doing much writing. Will be getting a new one pretty soon; my father agreed to buy me one, which was mighty big of him to do. Thanks, Dad!

Looking forward to a new Macbook or possibly an iMac, and to getting all my software and files transferred over so that I can get back to work. Haven't been shooting many photos lately either either. I had the old laptop apart months back to replace the hard drive. I have to say, these are well built machines, but not a lot of fun to tear into.

I get some pretty interesting scam offers every time I put up gear for sale on Craigslist. But we finally sold one camera to a really nice guy. Two more to sell, unless we decide to keep the S3 for shooting videos.

Sheryl and I are invited to interview at a retreat center this week. We've been discussing it a lot. Change is in the air.

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