Monday, September 8, 2008

God Winks

Waiting for God to wink at me, and let me in on the joke. We're expected to move within about three weeks. This fact doesn't strike me as relevant to our lives or our practice. In fact it doesn't even seem real. And yet there it is. The property owner is moving full steam ahead towards vacating this house. So, yeah, sometimes you have to move away from one thing even when you don't know what the new thing is that you're moving towards. There is spiritual precedence for the "empty handed leap into the void". I've done it before. I can do it again. I'd rather not. We still have time to catch God winking and to hear the punchline of whatever it is that we're currently not laughing at, or with.

I've been thinking about ministry lately, and what my concept of that is. We make no bones that what we do is SPIRITUAL counseling and SPIRITUAL healing. Striving our best to be open and non-dogmatic to every single client who comes our way: it might not be achievable, but it's worth striving towards that ideal. And our ever-present axiom to work towards the highest benefit of all concerned, which for some reason I feel is very achievable.

I think that what (or who ) is in front of me is always the most important thing to deal with right now. We can tend to think of events, or even people as distractions. But they never are. Even if the purpose of a perceived distraction is to focus one deeper into a particular direction, everything in our lives is in fact, relevant to where we are, right now. So we're getting our daily spiritual lessons, whether we see them or not. You've heard the expression "can't see the forest for the trees." I'm trying not to ignore the trees, grass, shrubs, squirrels-- it's all a part of the grand forest.

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