Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fly on the wall

Hey, that was fun. Sheryl and I did our first class together last night. Standing room only. No, not really, we sat. Thanks to the wonderful people who attended and their participation it was a big success. Sheryl felt moved to take the lead the first time out but in the future we’ll be trading off “lead” and “assistant” positions. We’ll be doing more classes, most likely weekly because it will hold together better that way. The next class will indeed be next week but we aren't trying to get every person to attend every week, it will be more informal than that. The format is still taking shape, but so far we’re adapting the class to the participants. Both Sheryl and I were spiritually guided to be just that free form with the class even though our instincts were to do a lot more preparation.

Some highlights from the first class? Everybody seemed to be interested in accessing spiritual guidance directly. We had an intellectual crowd and everybody seemed to agree that the intellect had a tendency at times to block intuitive information. However we also had a consensus that preserving your common sense was important. In general points weren’t belabored and the evening was more participatory than theoretical, especially when Sheryl started demonstrating bibliomancy as a simple means to accessing intuitive information. Of course Sheryl has several techniques that she uses and her dowsing capabilities popped right in as well, and then my clairvoyance came in too... so much for teaching the basics.

I’d forgotten how great group work can be. Can’t emphasize enough how great it was that people shared their stories and experience. Sheryl and I ran a little long talking about our personal histories, so that part probably won’t be repeated. I think we need to get out more, but other than that it’s hard to fault our first jointly led group. Sheryl’s many years of experience with peer counseling and teaching showed through and that was great. She was a little nervous but I’m sure that will improve; it’s another reason we’re trading off the lead position. No need to stress Sheryl out when I'm right there.

Sheryl’s already got the announcement ready for how we’re going to proceed. She just sent this to me:

“Last night's class was quite the trip. We had a great time and, in order to give people who couldn't attend another chance to check it out, we want to do it two more times before we launch into a full class series.

Come join us next Tuesday night (July 24) or the one after (July 31st). The content of this first introductory class will be the same: we'll get to know each other, give people individual guidance and assistance with what they most want to get out of a class like this, answer questions and maybe have time for a little discussion.  If you came last night you're welcome to come again, meet more people, bring your friends, ... or wait until we start the class series a few weeks from now {should we set a date and/or say how often it will meet yet?}

The class will meet from 6:45 - 8:45 pm (we went over time last night but we'll try to do much better) and the cost is a sliding scale fee based on what you can afford from $15-35 per meeting. Please send an email or give us a call to let us know if you plan to come. We'd appreciate that! And, as last night, please try to avoid wearing highly scented products (thanks again!). “

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on your class!

sounds like everything was as it was "supposed to be"

Many Blessings.