Saturday, February 17, 2007

Peace on Earth

Ok, so “Pan’s Labyrinth” is not the movie to see if you think you’re getting “fantasy.” It’s an intensely violent film. It got great reviews. I wish I hadn’t seen it, but I do know that I had concerns about putting out some really light hearted stuff in a recent article. As a healer I do take the suffering in the world seriously-- but that’s not all there is to see. We watched “The Secret” recently, and I thought it was too simplistic. Positive, yes, but not to be subjected to much critical thinking.

Got a call tonight from a person we probably can’t help, we’ll be offering referrals out. And an incoming email referral regarding another person we may not be able to help, but then again we may. We’ll see how it turns out. We’re very careful with our ethics, and also if a person is saying “I won’t do this” or “I won’t give up that”, we’re blocked. We don’t have permission to help. I have to learn to draw the line better between caring and letting go.

On another front we got our materials in to the Good Times for an ad next week. Also we were interviewed a couple days ago by GT and we went in for a photo shoot. One of the most unflattering ways to shoot a human is from a low angle with a wide angle lens at close range. That’s all the photographer seemed to want to do today, so Yikes! We’re letting go of the idea that we might look good in the photo, but on the bright side there may be an interesting and artistic shot of us in the GT next week. Our photographer was an artist and that counts. Also we felt really good about the interview and the guy who did the interview. Not to mention the fact that Rya Holloway at the ad desk definitely went the extra mile to make our ad look good.

We were able to make a suggestion so that future customers can avoid “pixelated text”. Another publication, The Connection, had detailed notes online about how to make your ad come out well, so we referred the GT to that web page. Lots of referrals today. Sheryl and I truly co-wrote the 200 word ad for the GT and I feel really really good about that: it’s got earmarks of both of us in the ad and I believe it’s OUR voice this time. I’m simply amazed that we can co-author something and have it work. We do joint counseling with no problems at all. So I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe we’ll co author an actual article next.

Pan’s Labyrinth does one thing well; makes you really want peace.

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Betsy said...

Hello -- I found your website through a mention on a newsletter I receive from Ann Albers every week. I have enjoyed reading your site and looking and the photos! Amazing photography. I love the way you capture the spiritual essence and beauty of your "client" be it animal, human or nature. Your comments on wanting to help the suffering, but not being able to for various reasons or situations does strike a chord in my heart too. Being an ex-New Yorker I found myself constantly immersed in the extremes of human existence. Its one of the reasons I left NYC -- my heart was becoming calloused and hard -- something I did not want. I also smiled at your comments regarding "The Secret"!. Yes, the truths presented are ancient -- but the focus on just simply getting a better material life leaves out a lot of depth. There is nothing wrong with having a comfortable living and roof over one's head etc. There is nothing wrong with abundance either. But in my opinion the real goal is to get to the point where you can see the Divine Presence in everything. And this "seeing" blesses one and all. I remember walking past a woman on the street who had been injured (NYC) there were folks around assisting her, so she didn't need my human assistance. But I felt this call "for help", and I didn't know what to do. Pray - was what came to me. A passage by Mary Baker Eddy came to thought: "there is no lapse from, nor return to, harmony..." Science & Health... I just prayed with that thought until I felt a sense of peace. I don't know if it blessed the woman on the street, because I kept on my journey as I prayed. But it certainly has blessed me many times over the years, just recalling that "prayer work". So oftentimes we think that we are not "doing something" for someone and well, maybe we really are!