Saturday, January 20, 2007

Prickly things and the beauty of the barb

I like the way the thorns on this cactus-type plant radiate in a spiral pattern. Do they radiate out or do they radiate inward?
I planted a few barbs in my blog and I think they got stepped on. I don't know which way they're radiating.

Through the magic of editing I am no longer complaining here about how an ad we did in the Good Times didn't go the way we wanted and eventually we cancelled it. That's one barb, removed. And I'm good with that for my own reasons.

The other barb was about Bookshop Santa Cruz in regards to the non-profit bulletin board which clearly isn't non-profit. A nice woman named Clytia from the Bookshop posted a comment, she offered to look over my flier and tell me why it wasn't posted. I responded with a rant. Sorry Clytia. I can't really take back everything I said, but I probably stepped over the line and I am sorry for that.

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Anonymous said...

Gee Paul, I missed yr rant. Feel free to send it to me at: