Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Just woke up in the morning and scribbled this in my journal

I really did just wake up this morning and scribble this in my blog. After coffee and an english muffin and a couple other things. Decided it was about time to upload a photo and see if I like the way it looks. Chose an "audience reaction" shot of a very attractive young woman looking like she doesn't like what she sees. Or something like that, I've always liked this photo and so maybe it makes up for me having approximately nothing to say. I don't plan an making a habit of posting nothing-of-interest-to-anyone-but- me. But I'm new to blogging and it will take a few tries to get me up to speed. Sorry, sometimes I just have to test a thing or two. If Blogspot becomes my main blog (my only blog?) I have to make sure that I'm satisfied with it first.

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