Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Takes A Village To Sell A Self-Published Book

 We live in Chico now, and I have been primarily focusing on my role as a photographer, but I have a whole other life as a writer. Sheryl and I spent two years in eastern Arizona, living in the high desert, off the grid about 20 miles from the nearest town. This came immediately on the heels of living in ultra liberal Santa Cruz, California and making our way as spiritual counselors. We decided to write a book about the experience-- this book is mostly Sheryl's doing and she's written and published several other excellent books, but I had a part in it. So, I'm "guesting" something from Sheryl here in order to get the word out and around Chico, Oroville, Paradise and in general around Butte county or anyplace else that this blog may reach.


It Takes A Village To Sell A Self-Published Book

by Sheryl Karas on Thursday, August 4, 2011 
We could use help getting the word out. Whether this is a book you want for yourself or not, surely there are people in your lives who would be interested... if they knew it existed.,_Book_by_Sheryl_Karas_with_Paul_Hood.html

What book?
Waking Up In the Great Recession Mormon Desert 
Written by Sheryl with additions and editing by Paul. Read all about it at the link above.

Who might be interested?
  • Memoir lovers, and lovers of true-life adventures.
  • People curious about us.
  • People who love storytelling mixed with humor and philosophy.
  • Self-employed people.
  • Artists and writers.
  • Alternative health practitioners.
  • Gays and lesbians, their allies, people who support gay rights.
  • Santa Cruz folks, Californians, people from Arizona.
  • People making community online, marketing their goods and services online, or those attempting it.
  • People who care about community, love, peace, and social justice.
  • People concerned about the currently, horribly polarized political scene, and what might shift things.
  • People living through their own Great Recession sagas.
  • Spiritual but not religious folks, New Age thinkers, meditators, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, progressive Christians, Jews, Mormons and anyone who cares about freedom of religion (or freedom not to have one).
  • People who still care about life purpose and wanting to contribute to the highest good of all concerned.
Please send them to this link where they can see the book cover, find out more about it, and read excerpts and the fantastic reviews it has gotten. They can buy it as an inexpensive pdf ebook instant download with full color photos and art or as a conventional text-only physical book with a color cover, autographed by us, of course!,_Book_by_Sheryl_Karas_with_Paul_Hood.html

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