Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bees, Miracles and Science

Sold a version of this print to Elizabeth in London, today. Always nice to wake up to that. That's a detail view at the top. Different versions get different treatments, it's hard for me to leave a file alone, therefore the print which ships to England isn't exactly what you see here, and next time it will probably be different again. I like pictures of insects and other wildlife because it's like going into another world. I think as far as the creature is concerned he's in his own little world and nothing outside of that matters. It does matter of course. We're all connected and we're all in this dance with our environmental factors all the time-- we affect the environment, the environment affects us, all the time. We're never completely outside of each others influence. Change one thing, everything else changes-- or it should.

Somebody just brought my attention to this quote from Abraham Hicks - "Stop 
looking for anything other than your mental and emotional state of 
being as answers to why you feel how you feel in your body. It is all
 Vibrational - no exception! And when you get that, then it doesn't 
matter what diagnosis has been given to you—it doesn't matter—it's

That may be true, but it only works in a perfect vacuum, unconnected to anything else. And in our society this particular point of view is not generically accepted in the mainstream as true.

What's theoretically possible doesn't always meet expectations, especially among the "educated", because our education in these matters, mainstream education, does not comply with the energetic model for health, in fact it opposes it. As a result you're more likely to witness or experience so called "miraculous" healing in a culture where strong faith predominates over these educational influences.

The culture of the miraculous tends to support itself within that environment, the culture of what we call "science" tends to do the same and unfortunately this often opposes the miraculous. The scientific method is one of doubt, scrutiny, control and repetition, and so essentially lab testing of miracles is the same as saying "let's see if this energetic effect happens when we remove the energy". Even if it does work and the "miracle" happens, they'll repeat the experiment until it doesn't anymore. Every repetition is an act of doubt, which reduces the energy available to do the work.

Pretty obvious really, but somehow our best scientific minds don't see the flaws in their own methods. I do think that the two worlds can come together with greater understanding, but mostly we aren't there yet. At some point in the future I think that the science of the miraculous will be much better understood.


sheila@cruzio.com said...

I am all for living in a world in which miraculous is possible, and know well from my work that the mind has much to do with the state of the body. But when I read absolutes, like "no exceptions!" I figure, here is another person whose luck to have physical strength and health has led them to arrogance about others.

As a polio survivor, I am in pain a lot of the time. I can move on through and past it 80% of the time, the rest it just knocks me down. It is real, my mind does not make it nor can my mind totally control it. Saying otherwise is the same thing as those who say to me, you just need to work out more, and start running like your brother, its just that you are de-conditioned. I show them the polio literature cautioning against doing too much exercise, cautioning against fighting past fatigue because you can end up paralyzed or worse. They say, "But still! It's just that you have convinced yourself you can't." At which point, I stop talking to them. The last thing I need around me is arrogant people who think they lead the good life because of their own goodness! Thanks for your thoughts.

Paul Hood said...

Hi Sheila, I'm in complete agreement with you. Much of the time my brief articles or videos about healing and other topics fail to cover some the critical and most important points. Unlike the Abraham Hicks material, Sheryl and I are not so arrogant as to put out these kinds of absolute statements. We've been in the counseling and healing arts roles long enough to know better.

I'm frequently surprised when people put ideology above humanity, or even above common sense. Miraculous healings do occur, and yet I think more importantly: BUT NOT ALL THE TIME. In fact the miraculous recoveries seem to be more the exception rather than the rule, and why would that be? Everyone suffers and everyone dies (as far as I know) and some of us suffer far more than others. Well, folks will try to rationalize that; can't stop them. Some of the worst things one can do are what you describe in your comments, such as "Oh you must not be trying hard enough, praying hard enough, praying or visualizing the right way, must be your "Karma" etc. Rest assured that we try our best never to do that, but because I am very concerned with the subject of suffering and what might be done to alleviate it, I keep visiting the concern in hopes that I may be of some further help. I think that people who are more experienced in various forms of healing arts have given up the arrogance long ago. Thanks for helping to shine some light on this subject.