Saturday, April 10, 2010

Latest photos and news

Finally started feeling well enough to take a few photos. After 2 rounds of antibiotics-- by the end of the second round the toxicity of the antibiotic itself was mimicking the symptoms of the bronchitis I was trying to cure. So it goes. I don't blame anybody for this, it's just how it is sometimes. Had some pretty bad nights there, doing better now. Oh yeah, and it's pollen season and Sheryl and I both started having allergies in the middle of trying to get well. Still coughing and sneezing some but we're able to get out and take walks and get a few photos here and there. I think that the pollen is starting to abate too, so that's good for us. We're completely surrounded by Junipers and that's the main source of pollen. I don't think I've been this sick for this long, ever. Off and on since Christmas, it get's really tiresome. Of course we've been looking at spiritual/psychological reasons for this, as well as environmental factors. It's not always so easy to solve, and we probably should have turned to help sooner.

Click on the photos above for a larger view. We're happy that things are looking up now.

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