Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Follow up on the Government Healthcare issue

I think that the people (us) who originally supported this bill in huge numbers did so because they were convinced that, plain and simple, it meant that the average person in the U.S. would be able to see a doctor without having to worry about what it would cost. Since then the bill has fallen precipitously in popularity, as it has gone through the various compromises and deal making which every bill goes through before it ultimately will be allowed to pass. Has the bill been "ruined" now? Is it still "pretty good", better than what we had before, good enough for starters?

I'd prefer it if people went directly to the official source and decide for themselves. So here it is:

It's the White House, of course, because I'm not about to recommend some "compromised" source of information where they will seek to re-interpret the whole thing for ya. If you're really diligent, I'm pretty sure you can read the whole bill itself. Part of the problem with politics is everybody wants the sound-bite version, and rarely are things that simple. Trouble with sound bites: consider the source. There is little integrity left in the news media today. It's all going the way of sensationalism and partisanship. Lately my biggest "tactic" whenever I get into an important discussion on Facebook or elsewhere is to simply fact check what people are reporting. Takes about ten seconds on Google. You never won an argument so fast as when you point out that somebody is reporting completely fictional "facts". People lie. They lie a lot. Be careful out there folks.

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