Monday, December 14, 2009

Another batch of pendants

We made another batch of 25 art-glass pendants here. The last batch was here, and those are all sold out now. We made a few duplicates, and are gearing up to make more. An unusual number of errors slowed us down this time, but overall the process is probably improving. I'm happy with the outcomes and I'm much more involved in this batch than I was with the last. We have far fewer "rejects". I'm becoming convinced that some of our friends are in fact patrons of the arts. It's very heart-warming to be encouraged so, and recently one of our friends paid us generously for a larger framed print also.

Last time I photographed each pendant individually, this time I ganged them together in groups. I probably should have stuck to the original plan, because this time numbering the images for easy identification became an issue. No sooner had I uploaded what I had, but Sheryl decided to direct people to the older, sold out gallery so that people could see the chains. Well, good idea-- but confusing. Pretty much every step has gone about like that this time around, but I'm not complaining, because the artwork is finally selling again and in a form that I know people will enjoy. We sold six in the first hour or two, and would have sold more if we'd had more duplicates in the inventory. Also we're now getting special requests for certain images and likely we'll be able to do that too.

It took me a while to get used to the idea of selling my photos at one and three-eigths inch size, but they actually came out very sharp and viewable at close range. The medium itself is lending more towards a certain type of editing, and I am enjoying the process. Sheryl's art and my photography are selling at roughly the same rate, and that's kind of good too. We even have a few designs where we collaborated--- something I thought would never happen. We're excited about the possibilities and have been brainstorming other ways to be much more actively involved in the printing process and on through the final presentation. This is much different than the ways in which we relied upon outside corporations to print and do order fulfillment and virtually all customer service for the past few years. We've learned. We're still learning, of course, but we much prefer being in closer contact every step of the way.

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