Saturday, August 1, 2009

Periwinkle Blue Flower

This is a copyrighted image, don't copy it, post it, pin it, or do anything with it without my express, written permission. I'm glad so many thousands of people like the image, but you need to contact me for permission to do anything with it.

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Those who follow this blog have seen this image before. It's a blue Periwinkle flower. I took this shot back in Santa Cruz. It's also pretty popular on Google's image search if you happen to be looking for a periwinkle blue, or a star in periwinkle, or a periwinkle flower, and probably some other search terms. Because of that it gets seen fairly regularly via Sheryl's blog too, sometimes more often than mine.

As we've discussed recently we've got some issues selling art images online. I currently upload a lot of my work to Imagekind, where Sheryl and I both have accounts. We also use Zazzle. And a lot of our stuff can be see there.

I'm always looking around for new and inventive printing options: Looking at MPIX, and Kodak, and PEphoto. We've already got Zazzle as a POD company, which means "print on demand". Another option is printing our own here, as Sheryl has an Epson 1280 which gives some pretty awesome results. I think I can do 11x17's here, and that's not bad.

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Paul Helm said...

Hi Paul,
Try 'Fine Art America' at I have put some of my work up and I like the site. No sales yet but it is early days.
I agree with your opinion of CP and IK