Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter, a short review, plus some details only my parents would care about

That's Emma Watson who plays Hermione. This is not my photo and I could find no info regarding copyright. I'd love to credit the photographer if I knew who he was. We'll have to call this one fair use because I'm doing a small review of her latest movie. I didn't much like it, but all the actors did a bang up job I'm sure.

We went to see "Harry Potter, The Half Blood Prince" and I'm disappointed. I don't give away plot details, but it seems to me that a lot of the fun elements of prior films in the series are all but absent. Certain characters who were high points of the earlier films, like Hagrith (Hagrid?) have only a tiny amount of screen time. I wanted to see more owls, for some reason the ghosts who were omnipresent at Hogwarts are now inexplicably gone, as in not there at all like they called in the ghost busters or something. No more shifting staircases or moving paintings-- most of the fun stuff, gone, just not there. That leaves teenagers supposedly going through angst of some kind-- sheesh, go rent "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Even today it's a better film and you get to see how Sean Penn launched his career. Also, if you use your brain watching this particular Harry Potter, very little of it even makes much sense. Maybe they had to follow the book and the book is deficient, don't know, haven't read it.

Let's see. . . had a nice conversation with a bank officer today, a real human being. And you know, they all are, but some are slightly more human than bank officer. I used to be a banker meself, don't really miss those days. So it's Wells Fargo, and lately I have learned that it takes three trips to the bank to fix one of their mistakes. Quite a few mistakes. Got tired of that, not going back.

Missed the rodeo today, and I am curious, but it's hot out. Had a great meal at Trappers and said hello to one of our favorite people in town, Cindy.

Sheryl just sent off her query letter for her latest book. It's about us and a lot of other things. Some of my writing is in there too. Two big boxes of Reiki Bears went out in the mail, plus some of Sheryl's hand-crafted perfume. We sold two prints, one to England and one to California but we still need a new print supplier.

We are actually acclimating somewhat to the heat. Thank God we're not in Phoenix as it is even hotter there. Our long haired cat spends a lot of time sprawling out on the bathroom floor trying to stay cool. Our ghost kitty-- whom we have not yet named, still hangs about the house now and then, seems unsure of exactly what it wants. It's likely half-feral, or it could be all the way feral. Not all our household members want to adopt another cat, but it's not going away. Pretty certain that cat catches mice, and that's a good thing, especially as we are sleeping in the barn now to help avoid the heat. Mice like barns.

Of late I am in a growth spurt with the photography, but I am also getting ready to get more serious about collecting my short stories into book form. Sheryl inspires me there, to get things done and out the door. I am trying to inspire her that life's little ups and downs are not a good excuse to ruin your day on any given day. Whatever we do we try to do in accordance with the "highest benefit for all concerned." Therefore I don't really see how things can go wrong in the long run. God's plan, we give precedence to that over our plans.

I am still finding the Facebook experimenting to be a bit of a bust. Most of the people I know best aren't posting much on there. Many of the rest are posting nothing of interest or little of interest to me. Mostly it's the format, not the people. Twitter is probably worse.

That's all for now, I'd probably pick another movie to watch if I had the chance to do it over. This one just could have been a lot more fun.

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