Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Fine Day

Decided to go into town today for lunch and a couple of errands. Saw these two beauties on a walk after lunch. Hard to take a picture of a horse looking natural here: once you point the camera they all come over and start checking us out. We got some nice shots of both of us getting a little horse nuzzling too, hopefully Sheryl will put some of those on her blog. We ate at Trappers cafe in Snowflake. Great food, big portions and it's about as cheap as eating at any fast food place, I kid you not. Plus the service is friendly and fast. I'd go there every day if I lived in town.

So, the horse at the top I figure is a dapple rose grey, and the one on the bottom is easier to classify as a simple pinto, or a paint: but she's a lovely redhead version ain't she? Liked them so much I made the photos available here. My dad probably knows better how to name a horse by markings etc, as he used to be a cowboy in New Mexico. He can yodel too.

We hear that some horses can bite, so would not recommend petting every strange horse you see.

PS, the weather is simply amazing here lately.

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