Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Good Question

"I was just wondering on how to meditate. I looked it up online but I just wanted to know how you do it. Is meditating just thinking about nothing? I learned at church that excessive worrying is like meditating on the wrong thing and I do that a lot....It would take a lot of will power for me to just not worry at all. "
~Britney Pieta

I actually would say that "thinking about nothing" is the most concise definition there is for meditation. However that is not inclusive of the many dimensions of meditation, especially in a spiritual context. Consider that worrying is giving in to fear, and that fear is the opposite of faith. If you focus on increasing your faith, then will power is not required in order to stop worrying. It's actually a very joyous process to surrender to faith, it's not about will power and it isn't exactly "work" to do so, although focus and determination may be required.

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