Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go green!

I'm probably as upset about gasoline prices as the next guy, especially in light of the fact that I have yet to hear a plausible explanation for the sharp increase in such a short time. Yeah, it's truly a non-renewable resource and yes we will run out of the stuff, but we didn't suddenly start running out yesterday. Looking on the bright side however-- we probably don't need to drive as much as we do. We probably could grow some of our own food in the back yard. We could likely start investing in solar, starting with our own homes. We could certainly use bicycles and consider a bike trailer to haul the groceries instead of the SUV. That guy who taught people how to make their own backyard still to make alcohol for fuel-- he could come out of the woodwork again, just like he did during the 1970's gas crisis. A lot of cool things could happen. Starts with a change of intention.

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