Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kid Nation ambush!

Ok, thirty minutes into the new show "Kid Nation" and the producers have already manipulated these children into divisive, ridiculous behavior. No chance at all to let the kids come up with their own system to work together cooperatively even though they were already showing signs of doing so: helping the younger children, calling a town meeting etc. Nope, can't let that stand. They were divided literally into four color coded teams and just as quickly pitted against each other, then squeezed into a heirarchical capitalistic system. What a disappointment. What a bore. They really had us in the first fifteen minutes, then they lost us.

Yes, we watched the whole thing anyway. But wouldn't it be interesting enough to see what kids can come up with on their own? Ok, I'll admit that when I first saw the promo I nicknamed it "Lord of the Flies," but still. I never watch "reality TV" because it's so manipulated for dramatic elements that there's no reality to it at all. Once in awhile I get my hopes up though, that somebody will choose to show how the finer elements of human nature can rise to the surface.

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