Monday, June 4, 2007

OK everybody: Bloom!

Much to my dismay I discovered that I am not the inventor of the “buy me a coffee?” blog button. Oh well. My blog might have a few ads on it already if not for the fact that my browser crashed when I was starting to sign up for it. Google adsense and I may still form a relationship. There is a spark of romantic attraction, but we need to get to know each other better.

This month we’ve been too much about the “stats” to some degree, for Sheryl and I both, but mostly for me. After our home- page hits suddenly skyrocketed one day a few months ago (and we never discovered why) then trailed off just as inexplicably, we found out how to track such things a little better. What I like about it is that we get to see when people check our website from a place halfway around the world. That’s kind of cool. Don’t worry, we’re not doing anything devious like spyware or adware, but we do get to find out when we get hits from the Ivory coast or from China now, and before we had no idea.

Yesterday we discovered a Saturday Market at San Lorenzo park here in Santa Cruz. They need more vendors and more customers, a lot more I think. Today we attended a Gay Pride event at the same location. That was very well organized/publicized and everybody looked happy. We stayed most of the day enjoying the community. Sheryl got pretty emotional. I think she enjoys so much seeing people being who they are and celebrating who they are, but you’d have to ask her what got to her most.

Regarding individuality, Sheryl and are are getting more interest from clients who want a session with just one or the other of us and not both at the same time. That’s fine and that’s good. It meets certain needs for the clients and for us as well. Our housemate continues to move forward on plans to alter his living arrangements. Change happens.

I got random psychic hits yesterday about someone I used to know, nothing very specific beyond that person’s name. I sent an email just to see what that’s about. It’s kind of fun when that sort of thing happens but then it feels weird to have to write an email to a person you have not seen in ten years, and go, “Uh, hi. . .”

On another note Sheryl and I have a good natured competition going, writing online ads to bring people to our website. It seems that the very concept of a “healing retreat” brings a lot of notice. That’s her ad, and she’s generally got me beat there. My top attention getter is explained on the “Fred” section of our website and also our gift shop. (See the links on the right).

I think Sheryl and I would love to have a healing retreat center which included things like lodging, a hot tub, stuff like that. In the meantime it’s a retreat involving neighborhood services for the things we don’t have. I do indeed have a CMT but I don’t do full body massage right now.

What else is new: phone sessions. We’ve always had those available but we haven’t really promoted them. We still aren’t actively promoting that. We’re considering it, especially for me. Sheryl may opt out of the promotion except for certain things like flower essence consultation. Neither of us envisions ourselves as a “phone psychic”, we’ve got hang ups about it. Every time I’ve done a phone session, it’s gone quite well. I don’t know what my problem is, maybe it’s about self image. Sheryl is a little clearer that she simply prefers the face to face human contact. We have indeed been blessed with great clients lately. It’s rewarding and occasionally a little challenging.

Oh yeah, “The Connection” magazine hit us up for an article. It’s in the current issue, a shortened and somewhat clarified version of my “Spiritual Warrior” blog entry. I still did not entirely explain why I so closely equate the concepts of victory and surrender. I don’t explain what the “empty handed leap into the void” is about. Too much explaining just ruins a perfectly good paradox.

There are some practices on the mystical path which result in the mental equivalent of a “feedback loop” in electronics. Such a condition can bring about “thermal runaway” and even a ”cascade failure”. Why you might want to annihilate your own ego is best explained by experiencing it yourself, but I did write a blog about meditation here somewhere. There are circuitous routes to the infinite as well as more organic routes. Ever try the "rat maze" approach? You must enjoy backtracking your own steps, have a fondness for familiar territory with subtle differences, oh yeah, and you have to really love cheese.

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