Monday, April 2, 2007

"Kundalini" Funny Shoes, funny words, things that fit and things that don't fit.

Somebody please send me an email and tell me why people from all over the world are looking at the photo above. Please?

What’s a Kundalini and where can I buy one? Well, if you’re my dad, you can’t sit through my twelve minute video:
to listen to me talk about my own experience with spontaneous Kundalini awakening. But then my dad wishes he didn’t have to tell people what I do for a living anyway, let alone having to add in strange sounding words like “Kundalini.” He’s still struggling with the word “Psychic.” Sheryl and I struggle with that word as a title too: we use psychic skills constantly but we call ourselves healers. My dad probably wouldn’t like that title either. Maybe we should call ourselves ministers, (we are both ordained in the ULC) but since we aren’t technically religious, that doesn’t feel right either. We work in the spiritual realm to improve people’s lives, one day we’ll get the language worked out.

So, lets just call it a “spiritual opening” in the interests of being plain spoken. If you have a “spiritual opening” which feels like a lightning bolt but goes on for several minutes or longer-- you’re glad to learn the terminology and to know that others have experienced it. The aftermath of a Kundalini awakening often includes the appearance of special powers like clairvoyance, healing or other enhanced manifesting abilities. It’s in my video because it’s in the “about Paul” section of our website and Sheryl wanted to ask me some questions about it on camera. I had no idea what she was going to ask me about before we started.

The funny part about that video is that Sheryl kept asking me leading questions and I kept answering them “wrong” which would then cause Sheryl to ask me other unexpected questions and so on. The whole thing got edited into two separate videos now and we don’t know if we’ll release the second one or not. Maybe we’ll re-shoot it. Why, why am I so difficult?

Because I don’t believe in limitations. If you get me talking about healing work, you’ll find that I believe anything is possible. As an educated man, as a thinking man, this can cause me some embarrassment, but there it is. Actually, with enough education one gets beyond the “standard wisdom” in any given field pretty fast, and off into the realm of the unbelievable to the layperson. In the interests of being unlimited I constantly check myself for pig-headed beliefs, preconceived notions, assumptions or dogmatic thinking.

So if Sheryl asks me, on camera no less, about the importance of spiritual healing, I might have talked to her the day before about compassion, about how much I love it when a client goes “wow, that’s exactly it” or about how much I love the work that we do in general, I may nonetheless answer: “Maybe we shouldn’t steal the suffering from a client: what if they need that for their highest growth and development as a sovereign being. What about the role of Karma?” Consider that a preview. I’m surprised Sheryl doesn’t throw things at me sometimes. If she asks me the same question a day later I’m going to say, “Consider the concept of divine Grace: forgiveness unearned and undeserved. Suffering can be washed away like so much dirt, and it a moment it’s just gone. That’s pretty important; it’s self evident that we should embrace joy replacing pain and accept it without question.” Both viewpoints are true aren’t they? The universe is that big and a whole lot bigger. Boundaries, but no limits.

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