Thursday, March 1, 2007

Psychoanalysis of the Miracle

A good friend just asked me,

“Have you "investigated" miracles? Seems we've talked about that before. Where do they REALLY come from? Are they ever part of our subconscious at work, I wonder.”

Have I investigated miracles: Yes, in some ways. I don't know that you can subject them to the laboratory. They're generally considered "anecdotal" which means they can't be reliably repeated under laboratory conditions, therefore they tend to fall outside the realm of scientific investigation. Other phenomena seems to hold up pretty well in the lab, including Psi experiences which some people think are miraculous, not scientific or explainable in normal terms.

But the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming, miracles happen all the time. Just not to everybody and not in every situation. I'm not saying miracles couldn’t happen to anyone at any time, just that sometimes they don’t happen when you think they should, and sometimes they do happen when you think they shouldn’t.

Something else happens too; bad luck. You could think of it as the flip side of a miracle. Sometimes it hits the same person again and again. Sheryl and I just got a call from a young woman who thought she was cursed. We determined that we weren't the best people to work with her (I still don't know exactly why), but I did talk to her for a long time on the phone about keeping positive intentions and avoiding setting up a downward spiral of belief/manifestation. We often participate in our own miracles, maybe we do create them. The "law of attraction" says we do all the time, that we're constantly creating our own reality by what we hold in our minds and hearts, for good or ill. Makes sense that we could create our own bad luck, but why does a miracle, or conversely a run of bad luck sometimes seem to come right out of the blue for no rhyme or reason? It's not always so simple, we live in a consensus reality which we all create together. The company you keep is important too. As is how you choose to live your life and how you describe it. However, everyone experiences some suffering in their lives and I don't know that anyone can avoid that forever. "Investigating" miracles opens up a whole can of worms, so to speak, it goes to the heart of our lives if you take it very far at all, raising a lot of questions, maybe more than I can answer in a single article. One person who contacted Sheryl and I pointed out how sometimes terrible events in a person's life can lead to a complete and miraculous transformation-- that we should be just as thankful for our suffering as we are for all the good things that we recieve.

Yesterday I got another healer all upset with me, just for asking a few questions about this very subject. Sheryl and I both tend to analyze and theorize, it's how we were raised etc. But I think that for the purposes of manifesting a miracle, unshakable belief is far more useful. If you don't ask questions, you don't raise doubts. For fairly obvious reasons I would say too that most people have an easier time believing that miracles arise from some omnipotent power larger and greater than themselves, rather than believing that they somehow have the innate ability to significantly alter reality like that. That connection may be more prevalent in the subconscious, I sometimes refer to it as a feedback loop, that intimate connection between ones conscioussness and their environment. The following is what I wrote to another healer which appeared to make her want to sever contact with me:

"What's up for Sheryl and I lately has to do with what I'd call "instant miracle" healing. Sheryl, I think, would actually prefer to be a counselor and to basically talk her clients into their own healing. She uses psychic skills in her work, but doesn't want clients to come to us to "know the future" for example. It's a pitfall: if you predict the future accurately, then the client may come back and want you to start making decisions for them.

I think that I did more dramatic physical healing work years before I met Sheryl, but I had poor boundaries about it and some people tended not to integrate the healing: Either they would go out and re-injure themselves, get sick again, or otherwise undo the healing work in some way. On a couple of occasions since working with Sheryl, we've had clients who reacted very strongly in particular to my energy healing work. By strongly I mean they got shaky, panicky, or otherwise seemed to reject it. What at first looked like hypersensitivity, I have since learned to recognize as a resistance to healing work.

And then there are the "tanks", people with really thick armor who don't seem to respond at all to energy work, even though they consciously seem to want to be healed.

In between are those whom we generally get good results with. I've been wondering if it's a cultural bias, because as I recall you told of some pretty convincing instances wherein you witnessed some really amazing psychic surgery overseas. I think that in my own case, I might have difficulty performing healings wherein the results are visible to the eye, oddly enough, that's my bias.

Sheryl and I have belief biases too, about healing work in general, having to do with our own thoughts about health and healing. I could conversely see individuals or even whole cultures holding a belief that all suffering is caused by "the devil" and all good things are of God. In that case it's potentially much easier for a person with a bum leg to go see the local priest and sincerely ask God to fix it. If it heals; no conflict, God intervened. In Sheryl's and my case-- we don't see it as being that simple.

In essence I think that Sheryl and I agree that when the conditions are right, miracles do occur. We are always working under own conditional agreement that what we do be '"for the highest benefit of all concerned." I know that this is a limitation, but the integrity of the work is more important to me than the literal outcome. When I first woke up to my own healing abilities, I think I was most concerned with proving it as a reality to myself and to others: I had not matured yet, but with the maturing has come some frustration."

That was the end of the email. The frustration is that you can't heal all of the people all of the time. I next had to explain that I don't own the energy which heals ( I think everybody in this line of work knows that) if you attempt to own it, you limit it, and the whole idea is to be as perfect a conduit as you can be. My answer was, "I happen to be there, the doer is spirit." I took it a step further and asked, "Why would a "healer" need to be present at all in order for spiritual healing to occur?" Too much analysis and you can talk yourself into or out of anything. My correspondent interpreted my analysis thusly, "indicates the differences between psychic and spiritual healing, with problems of ego present in psychic healing." I've already written more than one blog about the ego dissolving and allowing a greater experience of existence. We all have work to do and we do it in the best way that we know how. When I do set about investigating, or analysing miracles it's not because I want to deconstruct faith down to a heap of slag, it's because I want miracles to become as common as baking a loaf of bread. Maybe they already are and we just don't recognize it. Below is an example of a mixed set of life circumstances and the associated hindsight interpretation:

Let's say that you and two other friends decide to meet at a restaurant, you all converge there at exactly the same time as it turns out. Just before you go in a thought passes through your mind about bumping into another particular old friend whom you lost touch with years before. As the three of you walk in, your eyes immediately go to one table in the crowded restaurant: and there he is, the old friend you were just thinking of. Through another odd series of events, in the next day or two, some would say "bad luck" and also involving your choices and the choices of yet another person, you end up spending the week with that old friend, and it's a truly transformative experience. In order for the whole thing to occur, four people had to choose the right restaurant at the right time, then, later, the "bad luck" had to go down, then you had to react in the correct way to the "bad luck", etc. If anything was very far out of place, like if the old friend had gone to the restaurant, sooner, later, or to a different restaurant, then what? Maybe you'd have bumped into him somewhere else-- maybe not. Maybe you’d have just said ‘hello” and that small miracle of connection would have walked away, making room for some different reality to occur. Was the bad luck part of the small miracle? Was the whole thing the best possible reality-- bad or good, miracle or bad luck, those are all human judgements of somewhat limitless possibilities.

Here's a scenario where the "miracle" is in the ability of the individual to drop the ego boundaries between themselves and all the available power for good in the universe (lets call that God). There are plenty of people who do their best to practice this. The advantage for that individual is that they have now tapped into the collective mass consciousness of the cosmos, and to the extent that they are able to surrender the individual self to this essentially unlimited SELF, that is the extent to which they may be a walking miracle every moment of their lives. But a miracle for whom? If the boundaries of the limited self have dissolved into the infinite consciousness, then there is no longer an individual. Under these circumstances, where every moment is a miracle, timing isn't so critical for things like meeting old friends at just the right time. Constant spiritual bliss of experiencing the oneness of all things makes everybody your old friend. Ever meet an earth Angel? Often it's a total stranger who arrives at just the right moment and says or does exactly the right thing. Sometimes it's us, we're the Angel. An Angel is said to have no will but the will of God. That’s a whole other discussion. Undifferentiated conscioussness, boundary-less existence, is it possible to be that and still be human? In the truly numinous experience of conscioussness, there is no longer an experience of selfish or individual ego-based existence, no difference between giving and recieving, and all of creation is the miracle.

So, my off the cuff explanation for miracles is that they are a natural result of this tapping into the ultimate source. Sometimes it's conscious and deliberate, sometimes it's just a result of relaxing and letting down one's guard, letting go and surrendering. Sometimes the surrender occurs at times of great peace, joy and acceptance, other times spiritual surrender comes in the middle of torturous times. But don't let my limited explanation hold you back.

Back to your original question: maybe the subconscious more easily connects to the collective unconscious, but those are Freudian/Jungian terms, and miraculous or unexplained events would be called synchronistic events-- connected by interpreted meaning but not causally connectible. Again, that's a whole other discussion.


Linda said...

Hi Paul,

Great thoughtful post. Perhaps "miracles" by definition defy analysis???

A recent miracle - Roger and I were on the way from VT to a friend's house in CT for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was early evening and very dark. We had done some shopping and we now on a direct route to our destination. We were on an 8 lane highway south of Hartford CT when the car next to us began tooting the horn. We looked over to see hands frantically waving. It was our "bonus" kids and our grandchildren who live in MA! and they were on their way to Long Island. Needless to say we both pulled off at the next exit and had a short visit at the edge of a highway. Definitely a miracle to be grateful for!

I do not need to know how it happen - simply to be grateful that it did.


Sheryl Karas said...

Hi Paul,

Sheryl, here, this time. Ha! Like I can't just talk to you while you're here sitting on the porch with me. But you already know about this. For me, this blog entry is to place my thoughts where people already reading about this topic might find them.

Belief, the power of intention, the power to participate in our own miracle-making, the positive possibility of simply letting down our God (ha! I meant to say "guard" but this is sort of better. To let down our "God" and allow the miracles to begin by not presuming that we can't.) These are possibilities up in our neck of the woods today.

I've been literally playing at allowing my cat Chloe's eyelid to heal. She has a cyst that appeared a long time ago and I held back on "trying" to heal it for lack of faith in the process. Me! The great yet oh, so humble-ish healer being afraid to touch Chloe's eyelid for fear it would go a bad way. I've been saying I want us to make part of our living this way! What got into me?

A fear of being presumptuous, I think. A fear of being too great at this. A fear of being seen-- of making the presumption of thinking of myself -- as the all-powerful wizard, it's too scary to contemplate. And yet a REAL knowing that on some level everyone could do this -- but it's safer for us all, I think, for us to "think" we're not capable of it at all. To think it's out of our hands, that some power outside ourselves is to blame if we all ignite in a third World War, environmental catastrophe or whatever big disaster we all think is looming in our path. . . on second though, maybe we better all jump on the we can so manifest miracles if we only just believe band wagon. Before it's so late we think can't have what we need no matter what. (Somehow, I have an instinct that it never will get that late in our lifetimes, at least.)

Anyway, back to little Chloe and her eyelid cyst. "Little" Chloe is a big fat black and white kitty who has successfully thrived under my guides' healing work through me on her behalf before. When I, finally!, decided to give my guides another try they said "What are you waiting for? Hop to it! We can help."

I intended to visualize my cat's eyelid getting well but I instinctively recoiled from the job, thinking it was bigger than I knew. I wasn't wrong. My guides said "we believe Chloe's problem resides in her body's belief that she must retain fat at all costs." (She eats what my other cats eat and my other cats curb their appetites naturally and don't seem fat.) "We wish to address the underlying issue related to her distress-- she creates (symbolically-speaking) "fat pockets"-- sebaceous cysts caused by greasy deposits that get under the skin and are sealed away so they don't cause infection. She creates these as a defense mechanism -- excellent choice we would say and you are right not to squeeze these cysts or excise them away without assistance. Well done!" Instead my guides sent me images of the "fat pockets," the cysts, magically emptying out, becoming hollow and meaningless to exist anymore. They said to wait a week before seeing the full results.

That was the visualization. That was the intention. It's been three days and I already see the cyst on her eye flattening out. It's already better and I'm delighted to see the transformation taking place.

I didn't do it. I participated in this miracle. My guidance walked me through it. But it was my belief that, with their help, I COULD make a difference that made the healing happen.

Did I let my "God" down?

"Yes!" my guides say. "We all let our God come down from up above where we think he/she should be and let him/she/it/ALL come down to earth where she/he/it/ALL deserves to be. Heaven on Earth, we say, is the place to be". The tune of Green Acres is playing along with this guidance: "Green Acres is the place to be..." "Heaven on Earth is the place to be." Now you get the picture of how weird and funny living with the ability to "hear" on the psychic level really can be.

Immanence. Letting the Godhead down. Manifesting miracles daily on the physical plane.

Maybe that's wht it's all about.

Linda said...

What I heard is -

it's not "believing"
and in "jumping on the bandwagon"

but letting go of "not believing"